General Information

General Information

Can I import my Honda motorcycle into Australia from overseas?

Overseas models of Honda motorcycles cannot usually be imported into Australia, unless they are built according to Australian specifications and meet the required Australian Design Rules (ADRs).

Unfortunately Honda is unable to assist individuals import their motorcycles into Australia.

An import approval must be obtained from the Commonwealth Government Department of Transport and Regional Services to receive a new or used motorcycle at port in Australia.

A vehicle may be imported as a personal import if it has been owned and used by the applicant overseas for a continuous period of at least 12 months.

For more information about importing vehicles visit:
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Is the speedometer accurate on my motorcycle?

All Honda Motorcycles are manufactured to Australian Design Rule (ADR which states that a speedometer must indicate the actual vehicle speed for all speeds above 40kms an hour to an accuracy of plus 10%.

What are on-road costs?

On-road costs will vary by model. They will include things like insurance, registration and pre-delivery costs. Pre-delivery costs include all costs associated with bringing the motorcycle to road ready condition, such as unpacking and assembly, oil, fuel etc.

Will Honda support me in my motorcycle racing career?

Honda has a long history of involvement in all disciplines of motorcycle racing in many countries, and as a result, has produced some of the world's greatest racers.

The best way for motorcycle racers to start is to get involved in their local racing club. They should aim for sponsorship from local Dealers and businesses, and work their way up from club to state to national levels. Great riders tend to get noticed more at the higher levels of racing.

Honda has a proud association with racing at the elite level, and provides ongoing support to junior racing in order to foster young racers.

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Why do people say motorcycling is so dangerous? Is motorcycling less safe than driving?

Getting around on two wheels is an extremely economical and fun way to travel, but can come with more risks than other modes of transport if riders don’t take necessary precautions on the roads.

Motorcyclists are over represented in the national road toll, which is why it is extremely important that riders get as much training and experience possible.

Honda created Honda Australia Rider Training (HART) in 1989 to enhance the skills of inexperienced riders, and give experienced riders the opportunity to continually develop their skills. As well as Learner and Licence training and testing, HART offer a wide range of Intermediate and Advanced courses for riders to master.