I have children younger than 18 years old. Are they allowed to ride motorbikes? Where can they ride?

Children are allowed to ride off road motorcycles such as minibikes on private properties and motocross tracks. They are not allowed to ride on public property (such as state parks) or public roads.

There are over 40 motocross tracks in Victoria that kids can ride on, as well as various ride days that families can attend.

Do I need a licence to ride a scooter? Can scooters ride on freeways?

Different laws apply to different states. To ride a scooter over 50cc you need a motorcycle licence in all states, but in QLD, NT, SA and WA you can ride a scooter 50cc or less with a car licence.

To ride a 50cc scooter in NSW you have to get a ‘conditional rider licence’.

According to Victorian road rules, registered scooters are legally allowed on freeways, but it is not recommended that scooters ride on roads with speed limits higher than their top speed. Check your state’s road rules.

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