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2008 VACC Safe Routes Scooter Rally

8th October, 2008 - Be seen, Be counted!

Sunday 26th October 2008
From Luna Park to Waterfront City
(Assemble 10:00am Luna Park – Finish Waterfront City, Docklands)

It’s your right. Demand safer roads. Join the VACC Safe Routes Scooter Rally and let’s make our presence felt.

Inquiries: VACC 03 9829 1167;

“There is no sign of the boom in scooter and motorcycle sales abating. Road sharing must be made safer for scooter and motorcycle riders. Neither regulation, nor training, nor traffic management and infrastructure has kept pace with the boom in sales of two wheeled transport. Clearly, cars and poor road-sharing practices pose the greatest risk to scooter riders.”
–VACC Executive Director David Purchase.

Scooterists and other users of powered two-wheeled transport need:

Safe Routes

Melbourne, and larger provincial towns, should have a sign-posted system of designated ‘Safe Routes’ for scooter riders, linking CBD and suburbs. These routes should be clearly identified and promoted. They should feature special traffic management features designed to encourage their use and to make scooter-commuting as safe as it can possibly be.VACC also calls for a public education campaign to encourage car drivers to be more alert and aware of bicycle, scooter, and motorcycle riders.

Safety Boxes

VACC recommends that motorcycle safety boxes be placed at the head of busy intersections (the safest place for motorcycle or scooter riders is at the head of stopped traffic).


To access safety boxes, VACC recommends that filtering be permitted (and encouraged) to the left and right of stationery or slow-moving vehicles. The Option For Boxed Turns On Identified Intersections On certain busy intersections, VACC recommends that ‘boxed turns’ be encouraged. These intersections should be marked and sign-posted. (This initiative will avoid leaving scooter riders hanging out in the middle of intersections amid fast-moving traffic.)

Bicycle Lane Sharing

VACC recommends that scooters (and mopeds) be permitted to share certain bicycle lanes on certain SAFE ROUTES (but limited to 35kp/h speed limit within these lanes).

Route Map

Arrive at Luna Park at 10.00am for 10.30am start. Please keep to the left when riding.

1.Turn left onto the Esplanade
2.Slight right at Fitzroy Street
3.Turn left at Beaconsfield Parade
4.Continue along Beach Street
5.Turn right at Bay Street
6.Continue along Crockford Street & City Road
7.Turn left at Clarendon Street
8.Turn right at Flinders Street
9.Turn left at Russell Street
10.Turn left at Collins Street
11.Turn right at Batmans Hill
12.Turn left at Bourke Street
13.Turn right onto Habour Esplanade
14.Turn left at Docklands Drive
15.Turn left at Dopel Way
16.Turn right onto New Quay and continue to Waterfront City Piazza

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