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Red Riders Tear Up Badgingarra

January 8, 2009 - Nothing can stop the young boys of Badgingarra, WA from doing what they love best, so when there was no motorcycle track for Sam Whybrow and his friends to ride in their hometown, the simple solution for 10 year old Sam was to make his own.

The self named “Honda Riders Club of Badgingarra” meet about once a month at Sam’s house to race on his track, or as often as their parents can help with transport.

The club founders sometimes “relax the rules” and let their two non-Honda riding friends join in the fun.

“We all think Honda is the best bike; some of our other friends have different types but our Hondas are better,” says Sam.

Sam started riding when he was five years old, on a second hand Honda QR50 bought from his neighbours, until his parents gave him a CRF80F for his ninth birthday.

“The Honda shop in Perth was great! Dad said we had to get a Honda and Mum said it had to come from Eddie at the Honda Shop. They’re really helpful.”

“The CRF80 is much better because it is faster and can do much bigger jumps. It’s really easy to start and ride” says Sam.

“I also have an early model Honda mini bike which goes great and is real cool.”

Sam designed and made the race track mostly by himself, in a spare paddock using his Dad’s dump truck.

“My track doesn’t have a starting gate yet; we just have a line in the dirt. The track gets bigger every holidays.”

“It’s cool when our Dads ride their bikes with us. If they race us, we have to cheat a bit to keep up. Sometimes we take camping gear and go on a trail ride in the bush overnight”

“Remember the name Sam Whybrow. Hopefully it will be famous one day!”