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DSE To Sponsor Honda Online Off Road One Day Tours

17 July 2009 - The Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) Trail Bike Project has joined forces with Honda’s Online Off Road Tours in the name of promoting sustainable off road motorcycle use.

In an industry first, DSE will fully subsidise one day events to be held in the Stanley Forest at Yackandandah, VIC so that riders are able to receive the benefits of a professional guided tour at no cost.
Online Tours’ Rod Lay was very positive about the opportunity to continue to work directly with the DSE for the good of the sport.

“We were chuffed to be told that we had been selected to represent our forest managers on this initiative as they perceived our tours to be industry leading.”

“I’ve been working with the DSE for a few years now and see considerable merit in the partnership. We both have similar goals, in that we want to reduce the incidence of problematic trail bike riding so that everyone benefits.”

“Noise reduction, improved rider behaviour and minimizing our effect on the environment are all worthy goals that we should be supporting.”

The partnership between Rod and the DSE has been a fruitful one for a number of years and includes projects such as collaborating with MXTV to air riding tips with environmental themes, working together annually on tree planting, cooperating to build a much needed trail bike unloading area, and helping out at the Yack Charity Bash with advice and noise testing.

“I’ve also conducted some rider training at Broadford for their forest officers,” Rod added.

The one day tours will include professional guides leading riders on world class tracks, lunch and fuel after the first tank. Guides also facilitate group discussions on eco themes and working together for the good of the sport throughout the day.

“We’re not out to force green information on riders, just to point out the benefits for all if we take steps to minimise the harm to our great forests and parks,” Rod said.

Tours will be held in 6th September and 4th October 2009 with numbers limited to 16 riders per event.

Bookings are now open and can be made by emailing
Further information is also available from