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Dual Clutch Transmission Added To Motorcycle Picture Book

7 April 2010 - The Motorcycle Picture Book site, an easy-to- understand guide to Honda's motorcycle technologies, now includes a comprehensive description of the dual clutch transmission.

What is the Dual Clutch Transmission?

Honda developed the Dual Clutch Transmission with automated clutch and shift operation to deliver the same riding enjoyment as a manual transmission with the convenience of an automatic, for enhanced comfort and sporty performance.

The two clutches—one for start-up and 1st, 3rd, and 5th gears, and the other for 2nd, 4th, and 6th gears—are electronically controlled to achieve seamless shifting. Use of this technology in a motorcycle is a world first.

What the Dual Clutch Transmission achieves

With the Dual Clutch Transmission, we have successfully combined the manual transmission’s direct, intuitive transmission of engine output to the rear wheel with the enhanced appeal of uninterrupted power at all times and the ability to control acceleration and deceleration with the throttle and brake alone, even during sporty riding.

Three operating modes of the Dual Clutch Transmission

The Dual Clutch Transmission is equipped with two main operating modes: AT mode, which changes gears automatically; and MT mode, which allows the rider to change gears manually using paddle shifters.

AT mode offers a selection of two automatic shift modes: D mode, for city and highway riding; and S mode, for high-revving, sporty riding. Choose MT mode to select gears on your own. The Dual Clutch Transmission delivers a wide range of riding enjoyment, from leisurely to sporty.

Designed on the concept of a manual transmission with automatic clutch and shift operation, the Dual Clutch Transmission is a Honda original that delivers the riding pleasure characteristic of a manual transmission, combined with enhanced ease of operation that will help bring this pleasure to more riders.

Internal configuration of the Dual Clutch Transmission

Now let's take a look at how automatic clutch and gear-change operation is carried out during acceleration and deceleration.

How automatic gear changes are made

In a regular manual transmission, the rider changes gears with his or her left foot. In the Dual Clutch Transmission, this operation is accomplished using a shift control motor. Just as in a conventional transmission, the shift control motor rotates the shift drum, which uses shift forks to slide the gears into position.