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HART And City Of Wyndham Team Up To Promote Rider Training

10 July 2009 - The City of Wyndham in Melbourne’s west is taking a proactive approach to combating motorcycle related accidents by getting behind a scheme to promote further training.

The Council, in conjunction with Honda Australia Rider Training (HART), is offering subsidised courses for the first 40 residents who book in at the new Somerton, VIC HART centre for a Learner permit or intermediate course during August and September.

The subsidy will be in the amount of $100 each toward the course booked, equalling a total contribution of $4,000 for the initiative.

“This is very exciting news for our new and returning students who live in the Werribee area,” said HART Victoria’s Manager, Grant Carr.

“To be provided funding from the City of Wyndham is a very positive way to get new riders and those needing an update of their skills into a training program,” he added.

“Undertaking further rider training is one of the best ways to ensure safety on the road.”

Wyndham Mayor Cr Shane Bourke said the program would help reduce the number of motorcyclists involved in accidents on Wyndham’s roads.

“In Wyndham, riders aged 18 to 25 were involved in 32 accidents from 2002 to 2007, with a further 81 accidents involving 30 to 49 year olds in the same period,” Cr Bourke said.

“Council is pleased to be part of this program, which will help make Wyndham’s roads safer for all motorists. I would encourage Wyndham’s motorcycle riders to contact Honda Australia Rider Training and take part in this terrific program.”

The new Somerton HART site boasts two massive road ranges allowing for both novices and experienced riders to obtain realistic road speeds and situations.

The Centre currently offering learners, licence, intermediate and advanced road riding courses, and will offer off road training for kids and novice adults, as well as ATV training on a purpose built track in the near future.

HART has long been considered the preeminent provider of rider training and licensing in Australia. Highly qualified instructors deliver state-of-the-art teaching methods to over 17,000 riders each year from the Victorian, Queensland and New South Wales locations.

They are the only rider training company in Australia to use rider simulators to improve Hazard Perception. HART is fully owned and run by Honda Australia who, apart from being a subsidiary of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, is also one of the world’s largest trainers of motorcyclists.

For more information on HART’s programs including learner, licence, refresher, intermediate, advanced, ATV and Off-road programs, go to: or phone (03) 9270 1377.

Any resident who individually books in for a course and mentions the Wyndham City subsidy will be given the $100 discount.