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Big Honda Dollar Deals On Honda’s Little Bikes

October 1, 2009 - Honda has just announced a massive line up of Honda Dollar deals in the lead up to the Christmas season on their full range of fun bikes.

Honda’s favourite fun bike – the CRF50 - comes with a massive $400 Honda Dollars, making it one of the most affordable presents under the tree.

The remainder of the mini bike range including the CRF70F, CRF80F, CRF100F, CRF150F and TRX90 are also on special with $250 Honda Dollars.

For those who are thinking a new mini bike would be a great addition under the tree at Christmas, Honda offers a popular lay-by scheme, allowing customers to pay for their purchase in instalments. Payment amounts and schedule are flexible, providing the bike is paid for by the end of the agreed term.

All CRF fun bikes feature quiet, powerful and quick-starting 4-stroke engines combined with long-legged front and rear suspensions to deliver just the right combination of lively performance and easy handling for long days of off road riding fun.

Each model also features chrome, steel-spoked wheels combined with Honda Racing styling and graphics reminiscent of the bigger CRFs so riders can enjoy all the benefits of riding a smaller version of those bikes seen in current competition.

Honda Dollars can be used in the Dealership at the time of the transaction on a wide variety of accessories, servicing or as a credit toward the motorcycle purchased.

Honda Dollars are available on each model from October 1 to December 31, 2009.