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Honda ‘MotoKids’ Hits Australia In 2010

December 14, 2009 - A brand new initiative for junior fun-bike riders is about to be launched on Australian soils in January 2010.

A ‘first ever’ for Australia, Honda ‘MotoKids’ combines enjoyment and learning with organized ride days for kids on junior fun bikes, with riding, organized coaching drills and controlled games/activities during the daily schedule.

The venture sees the teaming of industry giant Honda Motorcycles and former National Motocross/Supercross Champion and director of the BCP Program Lee Hogan in a coordinated effort to bring the spotlight firmly on our grass-roots kids where our future stars will all come from.

“There is so much focus put on riding schools and ride days for racers out there but barely anything for these kids on their little fun bikes,” said event organizer Lee Hogan.

“But we can’t expect these little tackers to sit there and pay attention to coaching drills all day. With ‘MotoKids’ we’ll be combining equal amounts of free riding, coaching and games staggered throughout the day to keep their attention, maximize learning and make sure they leave with a big smile on their face.”

The ride days will ran under Motorcycling Australia’s insurance umbrella and have accredited coaches and first aid on hand to ensure a safe and well controlled environment for the kids.

The Honda ‘MotoKids’ Ride Days will be ran over a one day period at selected tracks Australia-wide reaching all of the seven states by the end of 2010.

The event day will also feature the ability to purchase Honda merchandise or even one of the Honda ‘fun bikes’ that kids can ‘Come and Try’ on the day.

Glyn Griffiths, National Marketing Manager for Honda Motorcycles is happy with the new initiative.

“It’s such an important area for Honda and motorcycling to get these kids on board at an early age and develop good and safe riding techniques in a controlled and fun environment,” said Glyn.

The official launch of Honda ‘MotoKids’ will be in late January 2010 at the world famous Barrabool circuit near Geelong.

The all-new Honda MotoKids web page will be up and running by the end of December where riders will be able to enter for events or purchase merchandise.

For information or to register your interest in the new Honda ‘MotoKids’ please email Lee Hogan at: