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New Manager For HART New South Wales

29 October 2008 - Honda Australia is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Rod Hill to the position of Manager, Honda Australia Rider Training (HART), New South Wales.

The new role is a change of career for Rod, who originally comes from a corporate background.

Rod began in the automotive industry as a mechanical engineer, dealing with smash repairs and road safety, and became a part-time riding instructor in February of this year.

“I’m excited on a personal level as well as professional one. I get to talk motorbikes all day, which is my passion and something I never thought I’d be able to do during my corporate life.”

“I love seeing people come in who have very little riding experience and watch them leave the course at the end of the day with a smile on their face. You can see them gain a whole new appreciation for their bike, and it’s a fantastic feeling.”

“It’s great to be working at HART; the people I work with are so skilled and passionate and I am proud that HART is expanding nationally. We now have training centres in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.”

“We’ve developed a reputation at HART for providing the highest level of rider and driver safety, and I look forward to expanding so that we continue to be seen as the leaders in Australia.”

“I believe the New South Wales system of compulsory rider training is the best way to go in all states.” HART is Victoria’s leading, accredited provider of rider training programs. They offer road and off road courses from beginner to advanced, including specialised courses for those returning to riding after a sustained break.

HART are the only accredited training provider who currently utilise a riding simulator as part of their course curriculum.

Rod will be based at the St Ives HART centre in NSW. There are also HART centres located in Victoria at Tullamarine and Kilsyth as well as the new centre at Brisbane Airport.