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Pricing Structure Changes for Alex Gobert’s Coaching Academy

21 October, 2008 - Alex Gobert’s Road Race  Performance Academy is pleased to announce significant changes and reductions  in the pricing structure of upcoming RRPA events thanks to increased support  from the academy’s partners.

Since launching the riding  development program earlier this year, RRPA has made a successful start to  rider training in Australia, with almost 100 riders trained in the two events  run so far as well as one-on-one coaching conducted by Gobert with selected  junior and senior road racers.

RRPA will adopt an all-new  pricing structure for the remainder of 2008 and beyond, lowering course prices  to just $275.00 for participants in weekday events. The new structure sees prices  lowered from $325.00 in New South Wales events and $345.00 in all other states.

Weekend events will be  conducted for $305.00, with weekend dates scheduled for 2009 as RRPA continues  to build its national calendar for next year.

Participants at RRPA  events receive coaching from Gobert and the RRPA crew, including special guests  such as newly crowned Australian Superbike Champion Glenn Allerton and 2004  Australian Superbike and Supersport Champion Adam ‘Krusty’ Fergusson.

Developed by Gobert with  input from many riders and industry insiders, RRPA teaches all skill levels  essential techniques that will help many aspects of your riding including  cornering, body position, braking, throttle control, shifting, vision and much  more.

The program features  sessions separated into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced groups, with the  lower categories designed as an introduction to track riding, while the higher  categories offer critical skills for racers.

“It’s awesome to be able  to lower the prices so much, especially in light of the economic crisis that  has been affecting the world recently. I must thank our many important partners  for the increased support for the program and I’m sure that participants will  enjoy the price drop and appreciate it immensely. Motorcycling is an expensive  hobby at the best of times so I am very excited that we can now offer the  program at much cheaper rates.”

RRPA is proudly sponsored  by Honda Australia, Australian Motorcycle News, Alpinestars, AGV Helmets,  Dunlop Tyres, Oleon Oils and Gatorade.

Riders who have attended  one of the first two events will receive vouchers for their next RRPA event at  a discounted rate.

Visit for information on upcoming  events, entry forms and further information.