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Dirt Bike Passion Brings Youth Group To HART

27 November 2009 - No one knows that boys love their motorbikes better than Year 8 Alex Stimec and Jack Eden of Laverton P-12 College who recently organised a group of their mates to participate in a workshop at Honda Australia Rider Training (HART) in Melbourne’s north.

The two 14 year olds who serve on the Youth Foundations Victoria Committee in Laverton are so passionate about learning more about their beloved machines that they decided to approach their local Youth Resource Officer at the Altona North Police Station, Leading Senior Constable, Scott Sutton about an idea they had.

That idea was to tap into youth-led project funded provided by their local branch of Bendigo Bank and the Hobsons Bay Council, and involved approaching a motorcycle manufacturer to provide a workshop on bike safety, maintenance and tips on where to ride.

According to Alex and Jack, the idea came about because a lot of kids in their area are a bit confused about safe places to ride as well as how to look after their own bike.

“We know that heaps of kids have been riding their bikes in parks around Laverton because they cannot get to the track,” Alex said.

“This is dangerous for the public and destroys our environment. Our project aims to help educate young people about riding safely.”

After a tour of HART’s new facility at Somerton including their recently developed mini bike and off road track, road circuit, training rooms, showroom and workshop, the boys were able to ask questions of Honda’s veteran staff including Honda Australia’s Manager - Engineering Compliance, Greg Snart and HART Victoria Manager, Grant Carr.

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed being involved in this project, and we really hope to be able to deliver more of these kinds of programs with other Councils and schools in the future,” Mr Carr said.
“Kids love their motor bikes and always will. Instead of trying to deter them from riding or just getting them a motorbike and not worrying about teaching them to ride, let’s help them to understand how they can best protect themselves, ride legally and make it a fun experience for everyone.”

L/S/C Sutton, whose role is to work with kids in his area to improve all aspects of safety agreed with the message the program is sending.

“I have been on the Youth Foundations Victoria Laverton Committee since its inception and now we are really seeing some exciting projects,” he said.

“What Alex and Jack have done is to identify an issue - recreational motorbike riding - and then develop this project with the support of Facilitator Fiona Williams.”

“These boys are the leaders and role models in the community and hopefully other young people around Laverton will follow their lead and ride their motorbikes in a safe and lawful manner.”

“The next step will be supporting them to raise funds for a trailer so they can get their bikes to the track in Laverton North.”

“Our thanks go to Grant Carr at HART and Honda, for supporting this community initiative.”