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Bling your CRF with Honda HRC accessories

Honda and HRC have joined forces to create a line of CRF accessories for enduro and competition bikes that allow riders to customise to their heart's content.

Each of the highly crafted genuine Honda pieces are designed to complement the overall look and performance of the motorcycle, and are made from quality materials such as duralumin (which is stronger and lighter than aluminium), titanium, carbon fibre, red alloy and magnesium.

Many of the pieces available for the CRF150R/RB, CRF250R, CRF450R, CRF250X and CRF450X feature a red aluminite finish which offers increased durability. A number of accessories also feature either the red Honda logo or the HRC logo.

Depending on the model, items available include an Envirosafe Work Mat, Front Brake Line Clamp, Front Master Cylinder Cap, Oil Filler Cap, Rear Master Cylinder Cap, Titanium and Carbon Full Exhaust System, Clutch Cover, Colour Head Cover, Magnesium ACG Cover, Engine Cover Inspection Plugs, Front Engine Hanger, Front Wheel Spacer Set, Oil Level Gauge, Open End Throttle Tube, Oversized Handlebar Clamp, Oversized Handlebar Holder Kit, Quick Adjust Axle Blocks, Radiator Brace, Rear Master Cylinder Guard, Rear Wheel Spacer Set, Skid Plate, Sprocket Cover, Triple Clamp Set and Aluminium Fuel Tank (see table).

Accessories are available through authorised Honda Dealers nationally.

Envirosafe Work Mat
Front Brake Line Clamp
Front Master Cylinder Cap
Oil Filler Cap  
Rear Master Cylinder Cap
Titanium/Carbon Full Exhaust System        
Clutch Cover        
Colour Head Cover        
Magnesium ACG Cover        
Engine Cover Inspection Plugs  
Front Engine Hanger      
Front Wheel Spacer Set      
Oil Level Gauge      
Open End Throttle Tube      
Oversized Handlebar Clamp  
Oversized Handlebar Holder Kit  
Quick Adjust Axle Blocks      
Radiator Brace      
Rear Master Cylinder Guard      
Rear Wheel Spacer Set  
Skid Plate      
Sprocket Cover      
Triple Clamp Set      
Aluminium Fuel Tank