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New colour for e-cabs CBR600RR

18 June 2010 - Honda has well and truly dominated the top three places in the World Supersport Championship for the past few years, including a tally of seven consecutive victories between 2002 and 2008, and six out of seven wins in this year's series.

A masterpiece of race-bred engineering, the CBR600RR has continually raised the bar in both track and road performance.

For 2010, Honda Australia is offering the e-cabs version of the motorcycle in a stunning red and black livery.

The CBR600RR's ultra-light weight, mass centralisation and compact chassis ensure that its blistering power is balanced by easy handling and faultless road manners.

Its potent engine delivers immediate, exhilarating torque, while its fairing is aggressively aerodynamic, enhances stability and allows maximum enjoyment of the machine's performance.

Radially-mounted four-piston caliper front disc brakes give it sensational stopping power, while the ABS version features the revolutionary Honda electronically-controlled "Combined ABS", which delivers all the benefits of ABS in a system designed specifically for Super Sports riders.

Due to its short wheelbase, a sportsbike can be prone to pitching under hard braking, which reduces rear traction. Honda’s electronically-controlled "Combined ABS" minimises this tendency, ensuring superb stability and control under severe deceleration.

Recommended retail for the 2010 CBR600RR is $16990 with e-cabs and $15990 without.