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Refine your riding skills with a HART course for a chance to win a MOTOGP ticket

One of the philosophies that sets Honda Australia Rider Training (HART) apart from other teaching organisations is their focus on improving rider’s skills throughout their motorcycling life.

By offering post licence courses including Refresher, Intermediate and Advanced, HART is able to assist riders to stay safe on the road, regardless of how many years experience they may or may not have.

Now anyone who completes a HART post licence training course at Somerton between now and September 30, 2010 has the chance to win a 3 day general admission ticket to the Australian MotoGP, October 15 – 17, 2010 valued at $150. There are three passes in total to be given away.

All courses address practical motorcycling skills such as straight line braking, corner braking, counter steering or swerving, throttle control and slow speed riding.

For those who have been away from bikes for a few months or maybe even years, it takes time and practice to feel comfortable and confident once you get back on a motorcycle. HART’s Refresher course focuses on roadcraft sessions and defensive skill development such as dealing with unexpected situations, emergency braking and lane positioning.

For those who already ride and want to move onto a larger capacity motorcycle, the Intermediate course offers additional components such as the slalom course which aims to improve cornering lines, eye direction and riding posture.

The Advanced I course is structured to enhance and refine the skills of a licensed rider who is confident and continually practising their riding skills. It is a full day course held at an off site venue.

Honda provides students with a Honda CB400 or a CB600 Hornet to use during any of the courses. For course information, cost and dates, go to phone (03) 9335 2766.