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Honda Dollars on Australia's favourite mid size ATV

Honda's best-selling mid-size ATV, the TRX250TM, is also one of the most stylish thanks to its rugged, SUV styled looks, and now it comes with $1000 handy Honda Dollars.

Honda Dollars can be used in the Dealership at the time of the transaction for a wide variety of accessories, servicing or as a credit toward the ATV purchased.

The TRX250TM features the high-performance cylinder head from the racier TRX250EX for increased performance.

An oil cooler is standard equipment, ensuring optimal engine temperatures under difficult operating conditions.

Uniquely designed floorboards allow the rider's feet to grip the footrests while keeping mud and debris away from the rider's feet.

Ergonomically designed seating and control layouts provide a comfortable operating position for a wide range of rider sizes, whilst large cargo racks front and rear allow payloads of 15 and 30 kg, respectively.

The Honda Dollars deal is available from now until 30 June 2010, and the TRX250TM comes with a recommended retail price of $8190.