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Honda Holds Top Position In Strong Motorcycle Market

12 January 2009 – Whilst many international companies are glad to see the back of 2008 after a less than ideal global economic performance, Honda Australia is reporting good news in regard to the company’s year end motorcycle and scooter sales results.

The manufacturer celebrates their 10th consecutive year in the top spot for the industry which grew by 3.2% overall, despite the doom and gloom of most retail results in Australia last calendar year.

The country’s biggest seller for the year, bar the Honda CT110 used by Australia Post, was also a Honda – the humble CRF50 – which along with its bigger brothers, the CRF70 and CRF100 were the mini bike of choice for many new young riders.

The manufacturer’s premier competition motocross bikes, the CRF450R and CRF250R, also experienced strong growth with many dirt bike riders opting for the reliability of a Honda 4-stroke powered machine.

Additional hot sellers included the Honda CB400, a popular model within the Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS) segment and the top seller in its class. The CBR125 also performed well with many commuters looking for an economical way to get around town on smaller capacity machines.

Honda’s General Manager, Motorcycles, Tony Hinton, said “We are very pleased to have finished in the number one position again, particularly considering the tough market conditions.”

“The results give a strong message that the motorcycle and scooter industry, particularly the road segment of the market, is somewhat immune to the negative forces that are taking place within the automotive industry as a whole.”

“The trend for people to opt for more economical and convenient modes of transport is not slowing down, and although we saw the price of petrol fall in the last quarter, customers are still realising that it is more sensible to rely on a motorcycle or scooter to keep costs down, rather than the unpredictable cost of fuel.”

“Honda has some exciting new models coming in this year as well that will really help to serve this burgeoning part of the market including the LAMS approved VT400 and the SH300i scooter.”

“With more motorcyclists on the road, the need for safety is even greater,” he added. “Honda will remain involved with safety and training through our HART centres in Victoria, New South Wales and now Brisbane.”

“We are also introducing new models in ‘09 fitted with ABS including the CBR1000RR, and will be rolling out a Safety Advisor program whereby new riders can obtain vital information and advice from their local Dealer.