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Honda Red Riders - Growing the sport of motorcycling

Growing the sport of motorcycling and its public's perception is integral to building a great brand and the acceptance from the community.

Yarrive Konsky Director of Full Throttle Sports started RED (Ride. Educate. Discover) RIDERS in 2003. The program has dual aims of equal importance.

Yarrive recently visited Seaford Park Primary School. RED Riders have been visiting primary and secondary schools for 7 years and theteachers throughout Australia continue to praise its relevance to what they are trying to teach their students.

Julie Braakhuis, assistant principal of Seaford Park P.S. was happy to praise the program - "I was really impressed with Yarrive's message of healthy lifestyle, goal setting, real life examples of his journey as a sportsman and self-madebusiness person. His enthusiasm was infectious and he kept the large group captivated"

The program is about safety and lifestyle. Today's youth face social pressures both on and off the sporting ground. RED Riders does it's bestto bridge those hurdles and provide an avenue for students wanting more from themselves to push past social pressures and go after their goals and dreams.

Motocross, Supercross and Freestyle Motocross is growing. There is mainstream acceptance. Unfortunately I don't believe the professional perception of our sport is where it needs to be. The level of athleticism to ride and race in our sport is equal to an AFL player and long distance runner. Our riders train at the Australian Institute of Sports. Chad Reed earning capacity is in the vicinity of $8-10million, Cameron Sinclair just finished first in the XGames.

Overall our sports profiling is growing – my aim is to demonstrate its high level of professionalism. By showing students that hard work and individualism can pay off, and by using a sport that has a "cool to be associated with" profile we are able to better penetrate some of today's youth.

The Red Riders program covers the sport of motorcycling, goal setting, safety in sport, diet, training and above all courage. If we can instill courage and self-confidence we can help today's youth achieve a better more fulfilling lifestyle.

Red Riders is fully supported by Honda Australia who are equally behind the push for rider safety whilst growing the sport of motorcycling. Tony Hinton, General Manager of Motorcycles, believes that motorcycling can only really touch the hearts and minds of today's youth if it is brought to their door step.

"When Yarrive told us about his continuing plans to promote rider safety, in addition to the the sport of motorcycling and healthy living we were right behind him. This is the grass roots of our sport and we need to showcase motorcycling to a wider audience in a safe and responsible manner."

Red Rider has several school visits booked in Queensland prior to the up and coming Australian Superbike Championship.