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Mitch Budd Wins 2009 Honda Grom’s On The Gas

30 November 2009 - New South Wales Honda rider Mitch Budd has taken out a hard fought win in this years Final Showdown of the Honda Grom’s on the Gas Competition.

The event was held under perfect conditions at Victoria’s sandy Rosebud circuit where all seven state winners from earlier on in the year went head to head to see who would come out on top.

The day provided an explosive battle between three riders, Elijah Wiese (SA Honda rider), Joseph Murphy (WA Yamaha Rider) and Mitch Budd (NSW Honda Rider) all vying for the much sought after sponsorship package from Honda Motorcycles, Fox Clothing and Fuchs Silkolene Oils.

The overall points lead changed three times throughout the day before Mitch Budd from NSW came on strong to take the overall by the slimmest of margins.

“I’m so happy to have won here today,” said Mitch Budd.
“We’ve worked so hard to prepare in all the different categories and it just fell into place today.”

But it wasn’t without a hiccup for the NSW Honda rider.

“I had a crash while leading the first moto and thought I’d blown it,” said Budd.

Overall winner Mitch Budd NSW Honda rider:

“Luckily my bike started straight away and I held on for second place. I knew Joseph Murphy from WA would be fast and consistent in the sand and he was right there all day.”

When asked what his highlight of the day was, Budd said. “When my name was announced as the winner at the end.”

Event Director Lee Hogan from ‘Building Champions Program’ was happy with how the day went on and off the track.

“The boys were really focussed today and kept to themselves quite a bit. There was a lot on the line for them and they acted very professionally,” said Hogan.

“We had a couple of big crashes earlier on in the day from some of the boys trying a bit too hard but they settled down quickly and performed extremely well.”

On hand as guest judges for the day were Supercross regulars Kade Mosig and Cheyne Boyd who joined BCP staff Lee Hogan and Jades Oates as the judging panel.

Glyn Griffiths from Honda Motorcycles is happy with the direction that the Honda ‘Grom’s on the Gas’ Competition is heading.

“We’re really happy with what the competition is trying to achieve,” said Griffiths.

“By combining Public Speaking with Fitness, rider technique and speed you are really working on the complete package of a rider as an athlete. We would like to wish Mitch Budd all the best for his 2010 season.”


Honda Grom’s on the Gas Final Showdown 2009 Rosebud, Victoria Sat 28th Nov

Rider Technique

1st Mitch Budd NSW
2nd Joseph Murphy WA
3rd Elijah Wiese SA
4th Zac Ainscough Qld
5th Stephen Perry NT
6th Joel Barry Vic
7th Ben McMullen Tas

Public Speaking

1st Elijah Wiese SA
2nd Joel Barry Vic
3rd Joseph Murphy WA
4th Ben McMullen Tas
5th Mitch Budd NSW
6th Zac Ainscough Qld
7th Stephen Perry NT

Lap Time

1st Elijah Wiese SA 2:34.4
2nd Joseph Murphy WA 2:36.5
3rd Mitch Budd NSW 2:38.2
4th Zac Ainscough Qld 2:40.8
5th Stephen Perry NT 2:44.7
Ben McMullen DNF (Mechanical)
Joel Barry DNF (Crash)

Fitness (Shuttle Run)

1st Joel Barry Vic 11.3
2nd Zac Ainscough Qld 11.2
3rd Mitch Budd NSW 11.1
4th Stephen Perry NT 11
5th Ben McMullen Tas 9.3
5th Joseph Murphy WA 9.3
7th Elijah Wiese SA 8.0

Race 1 (5 laps)

1st Joseph Murphy WA
2nd Mitch Budd NSW
3rd Stephen Perry NT
4th Zac Ainscough Qld
5th Elijah Wiese SA
6th Joel Barry Vic
7th Ben McMullen Tas

Race 2 (5 laps)

1st Mitch Budd NSW
2nd Elijah Wiese SA
3rd Joseph Murphy WA
4th Joel Barry Vic
5th Stephen Perry NT
6th Zac Ainscough Qld
7th Ben McMullen Tas

Start Drill Bonus Point Winner

1stMitch Budd

Overall Honda Grom’s on the Gas (lowest points wins)

1st Mitch Budd NSW Honda 14pts
2nd Joseph Murphy WA Yamaha 15pts
3rd Elijah Wiese SA Honda 19pts
4th Joel Barry Vic Honda 26pts
5th Zac Ainscough Qld Yamaha 26pts
6th Stephen Perry NT Yamaha 29pts
7th Ben McMullen Tas Suzuki 37pts