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$500 With Honda’s Mid Size Cruiser

14 January 2010 – Honda’s VT750C Shadow is all about kicking back and enjoying the road whilst sitting comfortably in the supple seat of this classic long-and-low cruiser.

Now this beautifully configured liquid-cooled V-twin powered motorcycle also comes with $500 Honda Dollars in your pocket.

Customers can spend their Honda Dollars in a variety of ways within the dealership toward the purchase of accessories, servicing or as a discount off their bike.

The Shadow has been a steady favourite through several generations of styling. Big and powerful enough to provide hardy performance, but mid size to offer an alternative that appeals to both new and returning riders with its comfortable proportions, easy operation and lower insurance and maintenance costs.

The combination of large front wheel, higher handlebars and low-slung seat create a sporty, aggressive look that sets it well apart from the competition.

The Shadow’s long, beautifully formed fuel tank and bullet-shaped headlight provide a strong point of focus, underlined by impressive chrome-wrapped front fork covers, gleaming wire-spoke wheels and fat tyres.

A wide, saddle-type rider’s seat is one of the lowest and most comfortable in its class whilst the pillion seat can be detached to enhance the clean, custom styling.

In the interests of achieving smoother, stronger performance, more dependable starting, improved fuel economy and cleaner emissions, the VT750C has been equipped with Honda’s latest PGM-FI fuel injection system. The system’s compact single 42mm throttle body is equipped with an idle air control valve (IACV), resulting in smooth and predictable response.

The engine’s enhanced low-to-midrange performance and close-ratio transmission combines with a quiet and smooth shaft drive to deliver a satisfying surge of acceleration from anywhere in its wide powerband.

The $500 Honda Dollars deal is available until 31 March 2010. MSRP for the VT750C - $11,990.