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Honda Entry Level Bikes And Scooters Now With $500 Honda Dollars

6 April 2010 – If you’re looking for a cost effective mode of transport, now is the time to jump on board an entry level Honda.

The majority of Honda’s huge range of entry level LAMS bikes and scooters now come with a whopping $500 Honda Dollars.

Whether it’s the convenience of the highly popular Lead 100, the eye-catching chrome finish of the new VT400 cruiser, or the naked grunt and performance of the CB400, people from all walks of life make their choice of ride’s a Honda.

Between now and 2010, customers will receive $500 Honda Dollars with purchase of a VTR250, CB400 (standard or ABS version) or VT400; as well as on the full range of scooters including the Today 50, Lead 100, SH150i, SH300i, Scoopy, Forza 250 and SilverWing. The offer is valid on all year models.

With Honda Dollars, customers can spend their credit in a variety of ways within the dealership toward accessories, servicing or as a discount off the bike.

The motorcycles included in this promotion with a capacity over 250cc can be ridden by anyone who has gained their Learner Permit in those states that have a LAMS program in place.