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Honda's dual clutch VFR1200FDA designed for every rider

25 June 2010 - Honda has taken the world of motorcycling further with a new dimension in control and exhilaration. With innovative electronic gear shifting, the VFR1200F Dual Clutch Transmission offers high performance sport riding like no other machine.

For decades, manual shifting has served as an integral part of the motorcycling experience. But just as alternative shifting technologies were utilized to improve lap times at the highest levels of racing, electronic shifting has at last made its way into a large displacement, high-performance motorcycle.

Many riders will still prefer a manual-shift transmission, which is why the VFR1200F Dual Clutch Transmission offers a real choice. The MT mode gives riders an innovative new way to change gears to deliver effortless, seamless operation, whilst in AT mode, all gear shifts are performed automatically, controlled by a microcomputer with an intelligent electronic shift function.

The rider chooses with the right thumb, either 'D' for maximum fuel efficiency, or 'S', for maximum performance. The clutch and gear shifts are then electronically controlled by the computer giving the rider the freedom to concentrate on enjoying the road ahead.

Honda's new transmission also offers superior performance that can deliver fuel efficiency equal to or better than a conventional manual transmission. The dual clutch transmission features a light and compact design that allows it to be combined with existing engines without substantial layout modification. And since it uses conventional transmission gears, it behaves just like its manual transmission counterpart; giving valuable feedback to the rider. It's also as rugged and durable as the conventional manual transmissions that Honda has developed over their many years of research and development.

On top of this amazing new technology, the VFR1200FDA comes with all of the features that have already put the manual version on the map including the inclusion of a flexible and responsive V4 motor, slipper clutch, highly developed Combined Braking with ABS, unique aerodynamic styling, maintenance free shaft drive and strong aluminium twin-spar diamond configuration frame.

The VFR1200FDA is available in Candy Prominence Red and Seal Silver Metallic and is available from Dealers nationally at an MSRP of $25990.