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Honda give Juniors another free ride in Newcastle on June 21str’s Podium At Oran Park

Together with the MRRDA, Honda will be making Honda CBR150's available for 13 to15 year olds to try at the Newcastle Kart track on June 21st 2008. The day is open to all Juniors within the age bracket and we encourage all riders to come and have a look or try.

This day is ideal if you are between 13 and 15 yrs old and are thinking of taking that first or next step towards following in the footsteps of riders like Casey Stoner, Broc Parkes, Chris Vermeulen and Anthony West. If you ride dirt bikes or road bikes and want to give road racing a go, come and try it out. With Honda, it's FREE!

Thanks to the California Superbikes School providing their part in their Partnering of the MRRDA series, the day will be split into 2 parts. Juniors wishing to try the bikes out will be given their basic 5 hours of MA Kick start" program for FREE using the Honda provided CBR150's. This 5 hours will include some basic riding instruction and some track time. Steve Brouggy and his team have already shown an awesome ability to run this very simple training program to improve basic riding techniques. For those Juniors that already have their own CBR150, again as part of their series partnering, Steve and his team will run a Superbike School tailored for the Juniors for the amazing price of just $100. Places will be limited so riders wishing to participate should book quickly.

Red Bull will be on hand to ensure that everyone is suitably energised. With the Red Bull Arch there, participants will get an idea of how it feels to enter the track at an MRRDA meeting.

Glyn Griffiths - Honda: It is important that we give Australian Juniors a chance to have a go. As a racing class this is a fantastic opportunity which Honda are fully committed too. We will have Paul Free, the Manager of our Australian Superbike team, on hand to help answer questions and provide the sort of support that goes hand in hand with owning one of these great race bikes."

Paul Edwards - MRRDA; this is a great opportunity for Juniors to try out a Honda CBR150. These bikes are already proving to be a great thing for this age group and previous training days have also proven them to be great bikes to learn on. Steve and his crew have shown what great improvements the riders can make with his help, so I would encourage Juniors to come along and give it a go. If nothing else you can pretty much guarantee that they'll have a great day for FREE. Thanks has got to go to Honda and the California Superbike School for their commitment to this age group."

Steve Brouggy - California Superbike School; We are delighted to provide this sort of training as part of our series partnership. These kids are the building blocks of the sport and it is really important that we give them the best possible start. Working with the MRRDA we are able to have some involvement in that and working with these young riders we can see instant improvement and that's simply fantastic."

For more information, or to download the registration forms, please go to the MRRDA website or email Paul Edwards at

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