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Waters Impresses At Eastern Creek On MD250H

Brodie Waters' impressive debutFifteen-year-old Brodie Waters made an impressive debut in his first ever ASC series race, competing on a Moriwaki MD250H (also its ASC debut) at the Eastern Creek circuit in New South Wales this past weekend.

It was Waters first visit to the Championship circuit, where he eventually worked his lap time down to an inspiring 1:42.6.

Waters, whose brother Josh is a well known face amongst Supersport competitors, pitted the MD250H against the relatively large field of 125GP machines at round one of the Australian Championships.

Supported by Honda, Motologic and a number of other key sponsors, the young rider qualified mid field, and followed that up with a strong 13-11-12 race finish.

“Brodie was very impressive,” said Motologic’s Paul Free.

“We knew from the start that he would only get faster; in fact, he clocked his fastest lap on the last lap of the last race.”

“There is still a bit of difference in speed in comparison to some of the more highly modified 125’s, but the bike is working extremely well and Brodie showed that in some parts of the circuit the 4-stroke has a clear advantage over the 2-strokes.”

“We are looking forward to further developing this bike over time, and to Brodie getting stronger and stronger.”