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Honda 1-2-3 in ASBK

Honda motorcycles have dominated the 2010 ASBK Championship with three riders from three separate Honda teams wrapping up a spectacular championship 1-2-3 in the season finale at Tasmania's Symmons Plains Raceway, this weekend.

Honda's newest champion, Bryan Staring claimed the Australian Superbike title just 6.5points ahead of Demolition Plus GAS Honda rider, Wayne Maxwell, with 2008 Australian Superbike Champion, Glenn Allerton rounding out the top three.

Heading into the event Honda was assured a championship win with Staring and Maxwell the only potential title winners.

Taking the battle down to the wire, Maxwell gave his all in a fearless ride in treacherous, wet conditions to win the final race, but after a season of consistently strong performances 23-year-old Staring needed only to finish the race to seal the title.

In poor visibility, slippery conditions and palpable tension in the air, Cougar Bourbon Honda rider Staring crossed the finish line in eighth place to add the Superbike victory to his previous Australian Supersport and 125GP titles.

A long shot to debunk Maxwell from the runner-up spot, Allerton offered up his strongest result of 2010 with his season's first race and round win in his chase for second place in the standings. Needing Maxwell to score a poor result of eight points or less, the Valvoline Superbike rider remained in third place to round out Honda's triumphant trio.

With a tally of 842.5 points, Honda was also a clear winner in the ASBK Manufacturer's Championship.


"Winning the championship is something that myself and my whole team are immensely proud of. It's an incredible feeling. It's been an enormous amount of work, so it's a huge credit to my team that we were able to pull it off. This has been an amazing year. I feel like the weight of the world is off my shoulders and I've got a feeling of self-satisfaction that's priceless - that's what winning's all about; setting really high goals and achieving them.

"I pretty much just had to finish the last race to take the title. We've worked really hard all year and were fortunate to be in the position that we were with the points leads we had. It was by a long way the worst round of the season for us, but it doesn't matter because the end result is the important one and we came away with the win.

"The Cougar Bourbon Honda Racing bike has been exceptional all year. It's been so easy to work with and set up, we rarely had to change it. It's a fantastic motorbike. It's got a fast engine in it. It is everything a rider requires to win championships - it's proven that.

"It's been a really good year riding with Honda and a really successful year for Honda with the first three places in the championship all Hondas. I'd like to send a special thanks to Honda Australia for supporting me this year; it's made a dream come true for me."


"We were a bit behind the eight ball this year and it probably did cost us the championship but second is a great result.

"I'm a racer, I want to win every time but that's the way it goes. I've had a great year with all the guys and my team has really gotten behind me. "The only option for me today was to go for the win and let the rest take care of itself. "Congratulations to Bryan who absolutely deserves this championship, he's had a fantastic year."


"I'm really excited to get back up on top of the podium again. My CBR1000 was awesome on the weekend as everyone saw in the dry race on Saturday and the bike set up was great. It was one of those races where it just flowed around the track and I felt like I could have gone for another half an hour.

"To finish the year on a high is the best possible end to the year. I think this is the best result I've ever had at the end of a season.

"A big thanks to Honda Australia for their support this year. They gave me some HRC parts that made me more competitive - that really made a difference to my season.

"I really want to start next year with the momentum that I've got and obviously the Honda CBR1000 suits my riding style and it would be great if next year I could come out and continue the form that I've got on the bike and carry that through season 2011."


"Congratulations to Bryan, Wayne and Glenn and all three Honda teams. Honda Australia is extremely proud of all of their efforts.

"They ended the season on a supreme high with a fantastic demonstration of total Honda dominance. All three riders were winners - Wayne won the very last race of the season in inclement conditions, Glenn scored the overall round victory, while Bryan sealed the 2010 Australian Superbike Championship crown.

"Further cementing the excellent reputation of the CBR1000RR motorcycle, not only have they delivered an outstanding 1-2-3 result in the riders' championship, but were instrumental in securing the Manufacturer's Championship for Honda once again."