CBF250 2007



Its attractive styling combines with an impressive range of performance to appeal to a wide cross-section of riders, both relative newcomers to the sport and more experienced riders looking for an inexpensive and reliable runabout.

Aggressive StylingCompact and confidence-inspiring, the CBF250 is a highly economical mount offering features one more often associates with much larger displacement machines, with plentiful power and sharply responsive handling to keep the fun meter running high.

The CBF250 set a striking new standard in the 250cc class with exciting streetbike performance and aggressive styling. Its slim, sleek and sporty design continues to provide a strong attraction for a broad range of riders, both new to the sport and experienced enough to know that big fun very often comes in small packages.

The CBF's compact, naked configuration features clean, curvaceous lines tapering from its large fuel tank's wide, smoothly integrated front shrouds back to the sharp edge of its tail, providing a look of swift, quick-handling performance.

To lend greater emphasis to the CFB250's sporty image, its fuel tank-integrated shrouds were redesigned with more aggressively angular lines, distinctive curves and more prominent air vents that convey an accentuated look of lively excitement. As before, these shrouds not only enhance the CBF's sporty integrated look, they also direct a large volume of air to both the engine's air-cooled head area and its frame mounted oil cooler for enhanced cooling efficiency at higher speeds.



Air-Coled EngineBuilt for easily accessible and inexpensive fun, the CBF's air-cooled DOHC 4- valve single-cylinder engine pumps out an exciting rush of power and acceleration for a wide variety of riding fun, from quick cross-town trips to daily city commutes, to breathtaking sweeps through tight mountain and coastline twisties as skills increase with confidence. With push-button electric start, a quick-shifting 6-speed transmission, shim under- bucket valve lifters for minimal maintenance and reliable performance, and a built-in balancer for buzz-free riding comfort, this engine delivers smooth and confident operation as well as exciting performance.

With its DOHC 4-valve head configuration and built-in Air Induction system ensuring more complete burning of exhaust gases, the CBF's engine also makes a significant contribution toward reducing harmful emissions. For 2006, the exhaust system now also features a larger, new catalytic heat tube installed at the front of the silencer, which more effectively scrubs down emissions of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrous oxides (NOX) and hydrocarbons (HC) to achieve cleaner exhaust that easily passes Australia's stricter emissions regulations. This increase in heat tube size also reduces back pressure within the exhaust system for a small increase in maximum power output.


Aluminium SwingarmUnchanged from its debut version, the CBF250's slim, lightweight chassis and impeccable handling are also specially configured for exciting yet confident control, with a compliant 37mm front fork ensuring swift and sure handling, and a monoshock damper supporting a sharp-looking box-section aluminium swingarm providing superb riding comfort and confident control when the riding gets brisk.

Wide tubeless tyres mounted on sporty cast aluminium wheels further ensure the CBF's light, responsive handling, providing not only the look but the exhilarating feel of full sport riding-oriented performance. Brakes are light of feel and instantly responsive, including a large-diameter drilled front disc effectively stopped by a dual-piston caliper and a reliable dual leading-shoe rear drum.

With all these advanced features available on such an attractive and reasonably priced motorcycle, it's no wonder that the CBF250 will become such a popular face on the streets of Australia.

Optional Equipment:

  • Both a 26litre and 35litre locking top box are available, featuring quick-detach mounting hardware and enough room to securely hold a full-face helmet and more.
  • A conventional centre stand that can be attached to the frame to provide more secure parking on variable ground surfaces while facilitating rear wheel maintenance.
  • A compact and stylish grey-tinted acrylic flyscreen that provides substantial relief from the blast of wind on the chest at high speeds.


  • Black
  • Candy Itauna Blue
  • Silver

Black Candy Itauna Blue CBF250 Silver 2007 Model