Forza-X 2007


Development Concept:

Honda developed the Honda ForzaX under the guiding theme of ‘Comfortable, Stylish Two-Seater.’ Applying its years of accumulated large scooter technological expertise, the Forza’s development team also tapped into Honda’s unique and extensive know-how in the development of both motorcycles and passenger cars. While aiming to offer the highest sense of quality, comfort and convenience ever achieved in a large scooter of this displacement, Honda’s engineers also concentrated on improving ride quality for two-up city riding, smoother handling on winding roads, and confidence inspiring stability at highway speeds.


  • New Dashboard DesignThe Honda Forza’s elegantly streamlined, aerodynamic form enhances both its visual impact and its rider’s pride of ownership. Inheriting the aggressively sporting disposition written in the Forza’s original big scooter DNA, the Forza provides an exhilarating taste of open two-seater comfort and a fulfilling feeling of refreshment with each and every ride. In addition to its distinctively sporty dual headlight image, which has come to symbolise the Forza’s sporty soul, the Forza is equipped with beautifully integrated dual taillight/indicators, which dramatically define the tapered and upswept curves of its tail, for a drastic remake of its overall design.
  • A dark smoked meter visor rises up over front cowl to provide enhanced protection against the wind while providing a steadying influence on the Forza’s handling. Beneath this screen lies a racy-looking set of sports car-type overlapping quad instruments that achieve a highly aesthetic functional beauty. Chromed motorcycle-type handlebars complete the Forza’s sporty image of performance with a light touch and responsive control.
  • The Forza’s large dual saddle-type seat features a low rider’s seat height of 710mm to ease the reach to the ground for riders of all sizes, and combines with built-in hip rests for both rider and passenger to deliver unrivalled comfort when out enjoying a long tandem ride.
  • At the sides of the passenger seat, dual colour-matched aluminium grab rails provide both a comfortable grip and a beautiful integrated design. Under the Forza’s upswept tail, a compact rear spoiler encloses its lower edge to effectively redirect air flow and keep dust and grime from rising up to soil its passengers.
  • The rider’s section of the Forza’s spacious and accommodating stepped seat opens to reveal a cavernous under-seat storage compartment, which is dramatically larger than the storage area found in the older model. The Forza’s under-seat storage space now provides a full 62 litres of carrying capacity, which is easily the largest in the entire 250cc class.
  • This luxuriously designed stepped dual saddle seat opens with a one-touch operation of the ignition key, and its huge storage space is designed to easily accommodate such long and unwieldy items as golf clubs, and such bulky items as two full-face helmets or an A3-sized briefcase, and more. Moreover, the Honda Forza also features a large, 5-litre capacity drawer-type console box on the left, which opens with a touch of the button directly beneath the ignition switch, and a lidded glove box on the right, which is capable of holding a 500ml PET bottle within easy reach under the handlebars.


  • 250cc Liquid-Cooled EngineThe Honda Forza is powered by a lightweight and compact, liquid-cooled 250cm3 4-stroke SOHC, single-cylinder engine which is similar in basic design to that featured in the previous model, with combustion chamber and port shapes modified for optimised performance. This new engine also features a new PGM-FI fuel injection system similar to that introduced in the Pantheon.
  • This PGM-FI system gathers and instantly processes data from five sensors monitoring vehicle speed, throttle opening, engine speed, intake vacuum pressure, and intake air temperature. With this micro-managed information, the Forza’s PGM-FI system regulates fuel output for optimum combustion efficiency, regardless of changing atmospheric and operating conditions, for strong and smooth acceleration and quick, reliable starting on even the coldest days.


  • Responsive Suspension SystemThe Honda Forza’s highly rigid steel tube backbone frame was newly developed to realise remarkable high-speed riding stability and light, responsive handling, whether solo or riding two-up. Its new front and rear suspension systems and wheels were also redesigned to reduce unsprung weight for more confident control over all the many road surfaces that Australian riders may encounter.
  • The Forza’s large-capacity 12-litre fuel tank combines with its high-efficiency PGM-FI fuel injection system to provide an extended range of riding enjoyment and commuting convenience on each tankful of fuel, permitting nearly a week of carefree riding between fuel stops. Positioned low and forward in the Forza’s frame for optimal weight and mass centralisation, the fuel tank’s filler spout is conveniently located behind a cleanly integrated locking cover built into the floor tunnel that provides easy access without having to leave the Forza’s comfortable seat.
  • The Forza’s responsive suspension system features a motorcycle-class 33mm hydraulic telescopic front fork that delivers solid control and smoothly assured operation for sporty yet confidence-inspiring handling, even when carrying a passenger. Its unit swingarm rear suspension is supported by two dampers featuring dual-rate springs and 7 steps of preload adjustment for a comfortable, well-controlled ride, as well as excellent torsional rigidity that contributes to the Forza’s overall feeling of riding stability.
  • Both the Honda Forza’s front and rear wheels are stopped by new 240mm hydraulic single disc brakes. The front is responsively managed by a compact and lightweight three-piston calliper, while a single piston calliper takes up duty in the rear, ensuring smoothly reliable braking performance and confident control.
  • The Forza features a Combined Brake System which hydraulically operates both front and rear brakes whenever the left-side brake lever is used. This input actuates not only the rear brake, as in conventional scooter brake systems, but also the centre piston of the front wheel’s three-piston calliper, for a smoothly regulated balance of braking control. Like most other standard scooter systems, the right-side lever controls the front brake only, in this case the two outer pistons of the front calliper. The result is smoothly proportioned balanced of front and rear braking control that increases confidence and with it enhances braking performance.
  • Located discreetly under the Forza’s right-side glove box, a comfortably curved parking brake lever can be set or released with a smooth and effortless action. This parking brake proves itself to be especially useful when parking on slopes or anywhere there’s a chance the Forza could move without wanting it to.


The World’s First Honda Smart Card Key System for Motorcycles

Like some of the world’s newest and most advanced passenger cars, the new Honda Forza features for the first time in the world a digitally encoded Honda Smart Card Key System that electronically provides remote control over all operations necessary for locking and unlocking the main ignition switch knob, and unlocking the seat and console box. This advanced system only permits the main ignition switch knob, and compartment buttons to be locked or unlocked by way of authentication the Smart Card Key’s encoded ID when in close proximity to the Forza. Communicating directly with the ignition system’s central ECU, this Smart Card not only provides enhanced operating convenience by eliminating the need to insert or remove the ignition key, it also provides a highly effective anti-theft immobiliser function that can only be deactivated by authentication of the correctly encoded Smart Card Key’s ID.

Brilliant, High-Visibility Dual Multi-Reflector Headlights and Taillights

The Forza’s bright 55W/60W dual multi-reflector headlights provide superb night-time illumination and a wide area of evenly distributed high visibility, which gives riders greater confidence and ease when riding after the sun goes down. The Forza’s gorgeously shaped dual multi-reflector taillights feature fully integrated indicator for attention-getting visibility that contributes to enhanced riding security.

Luxury Sports Sedan-Style Instrument Panel

The Forza’s stunningly beautiful instrument panel features four, large, fully electronic dial gauges for (from left) fuel level, speedometer, tachometer and coolant temperature. Above these is a round LCD readout of odometer, dual trip meter, clock, and a large indication of estimated fuel consumption.


  • Cyber Silver Metallic
  • Delta Blue Metallic

Cyber Silver Metallic  Delta Blue Metallic