Lead 100 2006



35/35 Watt HeadlightThe Lead features a modern and stylish, full-bodied design that fits in attractively on all the streets of Australia. Maintaining simple lines that accentuates its crisp "Euro-style," the Lead's sharply angled front end integrates both a distinctively designed 35/35W multi-reflector headlight and large, highly visible multi-reflector indicators into its sleekly shaped form. A small position lamp built into the headlight remains on whenever the engine is running to provide daylight headlight visibility that enhances riding safety.

Stylishly integrated into the Lead's attractive lines, its roomy tandem seat is built to carry two in well-supported comfort, and features a convenient bag hook mounted under its front edge to facilitate light shopping trips. Behind the seat, a sturdy tubular steel carrier provides an easy place to lash down larger parcels. Toward the rear, the Lead's body cowl tapers back into a cleanly integrated brake light and stylish indicators that lend a vaguely 'retro-modern' accent to its overall design.

The Lead's compact and stylish instrument panel mounts an easy recognition speedometer and the usual assortment of indicator lights, and features a handy fuel level gauge to remind the rider when its highly economical engine is finally running a bit low on fuel.



The Lead is powered by a simple and straightforward 102cm3 forced air-cooled 2-valve SOHC single-cylinder engine that provides ample power for getting around town in a quick, quiet and economical fashion. Its maintenance free CDI and push-button electric starter ensure quick and easy starts and smooth, reliable operation, and its exhaust port Air Induction system combines with an exhaust catalyser tube to reduce exhaust emissions to complete compliance with EURO-2 emissions regulations.

One rather unique feature of the Lead's bodywork is its easy-maintenance design. Held in place by five easily removed bolts, the body tilts up and back to provide easy access to the engine's maintenance points, with a handy retracting stay provided to hold the body up for unimpeded serviceability. If more access is desired, the entire body can be easily lifted up off its rear pivots and completely removed after detaching a few easy electrical connectors.


Cast Steel WheelsThe Lead's rugged tubular steel frame is built to stand up to considerable abuse and still keep running strong, even carrying heavy loads. Its low-deck centre backbone configuration ensures optimal rigidity for responsive and confident handling, while providing a spacious floor area for positioning one's feet.

The Lead's bottom-link front suspension provides confident handling and cornering control, and is supported by an oil damper suspension system for smoothly progressive operation that ably soaks up the bumps of the road. Its unit swingarm rear suspension uses a single spring-loaded rear damper for a plush ride and excellent long-term riding comfort.

The Lead's sturdy 10" ComCast steel wheels mount tubeless tyres and are stopped by 130mm leading/trailing drum brakes front and rear for confident braking control.

Like most scooters, the Lead has no sidestand, but can be easily tilted up and parked on its folding centre stand.