Today 50 2007


Design Concept:

The air-cooled, 4-stroke engine of the Today 50 is not only highly environment-friendly, it also offers power output characteristics and fuel economy that make it ideal for city riding.

Taking advantage of Honda's global network, the Today 50 is the product of Japanese research and development, appropriate parts procurement from various countries throughout Asia and assembly in China under rigorous quality control standards by Sundiro Honda Motorcycle Co., Ltd.

With the name inspired by the familiar expression, "Lets go somewhere today", the Today 50 was created with the goal of providing a scooter that is fun, convenient, and economical to as many people as possible.



Eco Friendly ScooterForced-air-cooled 4-stroke engine that offers superb reliability and heat dissipation. An air injection (secondary air supply) system has been combined with a compact combustion chamber to reduce harmful pollutants in the exhaust gas. The engine has also been tuned to provide ample power in the low to mid engine speed ranges, just right for the frequent starts and acceleration of city driving. An engine oil temperature sensor ensures smooth low temperature starting and stable idling. 

The Today 50 simple, approachable styling features lamp fixtures unified under a rounded motif and a body formed of curved surfaces punctuated by sharp, taut edges. The seat is conveniently shaped with a narrowed front portion for easy mounting and dismounting, and it's low, 695mm height makes it easy for riders to reach the ground with their feet. The under seat is large enough to accommodate a standard full-face helmet.

Easy Mounting SeatThe anti-theft system features a main key cylinder that controls the main ignition switch, seat opener, and handle lock, all from a single location. The main key cylinder is further equipped with a key shutter.

A range of four colours, is due to the response to a wide range of customer preferences, the Today's colours have been newly created just for the Today 50, and measures such as the utilization of metallic colours impart and air of quality.



  • Pearl Pink
  • Taurus Grey Metallic
  • Sirius Blue Metallic
  • Pearl Blue

Pearl Pink Taurus Grey Metallic


Pearl Blue Sirius Blue Metallic