Today 50 2007


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Today 50 09

Welcome to the Today 50. A 50cc scooter that not only provides good performance and excellent comfort, but also a great look for around town. 

Want to reach your destination faster and cheaper today?  Want to avoid public transport or the traffic today?   Want to have less impact on the environment today?

Easy to ride, easy to enjoy and easy to buy, the Today 50 is making two-wheeled mobility affordable for anybody and everybody. The Today 50, a new style of scooter for the expanding scooter market is a reliable scooter that offers superb everyday convenience and comes fully equipped. The development goal for the Today 50 was to create a scooter that is "easy to ride, and easy to feel familiar with."


  • Forced-air-cooled 4-stroke engine
  • Compact combustion chamber to reduce harmful pollutants
  • Engine oil temperature sensor
  • Lamp fixtures unified under a rounded motif
  • Anti-theft system features a main key cylinder that controls the main ignition switch, seat opener, and handle lock